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Trend time: Fri Jan 11, 2019
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@orionbooks (Orion Publishing) tweeted:

A sold out Barbican Centre is ready for the arrival of @Malala for tonight’s #GuardianLive event to celebrate her n… https://t.co/7AdY4Zsbel

@NasimiShabnam (Shabnam Nasimi) tweeted:

Talking about her latest book #WeAreDisplaced @Malala made a very important point about the situation of refugees w… https://t.co/by57rorfTA

@MaldenSaboteur (London Tim The 2m #F) tweeted:

Building walls is never a solution, either for the refugee issue, or for bringing peace - Malala #GuardianLive https://t.co/V8qxTqhUaq

@SangeetaWaldron (Sangeeta Waldron) tweeted:

Malala Yousafzai talks about brave young displaced girls in the world. Powerful stories @guardianlive #GuardianLive… https://t.co/KcAeXFRYkt

@bea_grasso (Beatrice) tweeted:

“Building walls is never a solution, not for the refugee issue nor for brining peace... this is not how they should… https://t.co/OzZnE12BMK

@MabelvanOranje (Mabel van Oranje) tweeted:

.@Malala speaks about her friend who had to leave school at age 11 to get married. This child bride had a baby by a… https://t.co/ENhbnul71F

@TaraVanHo (Dr Tara Van Ho) tweeted:

There are people who talk about feminism but some people demonstrate it through his actions and conduct. - @Malala… https://t.co/w2P1vUyGk8

@MaldenSaboteur (London Tim The 2m #F) tweeted:

Malala calls her father, "a feminist before he knew what a feminist is", for being proud and happy for having a dau… https://t.co/vJpxucn7Gz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Malala speaking about having the courage to speak out. #GuardianLive https://t.co/MxcZ3s7guu

@emmaphickey (Emma) tweeted:

“I heard he doesn’t like to read...” @Malala on Trump. I ❤️ her. #guardianlive

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