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Trend time: Sat Jan 12, 2019
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@mattrappaport (Matt Rappaport) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant say all the crap that we could back in the 80s & 90s https://t.co/VWMthMNGd4

@WolverSteve (WolverSteve) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant and we still can’t see #Wolverine #SuitUp in a movie.... yet

@jurneesmollett (jurnee smollett) tweeted:

That moment when you look back 2+ years ago and realize @HillaryClinton had psychic superpowers

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant play bts on the radio despite having a huge demand. https://t.co/FpdIffSsG4

@AgustCypherD (The House Of Cards) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant Get me to unstan BTS and you won't do it even when I'm under the dirt.

@WolverSteve (WolverSteve) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant have @xmentas on Blu-ray

@RocMiHeart (Diana) tweeted:

RT @LoxRedFox: #Its2019andWeStillCant get a phone charger cord that doesn’t get damaged https://t.co/E4Q7lnyJ0w

@_Juslyfe (☀LiveYoung ) tweeted:

RT @DavaStarr: #Its2019andWeStillCant take a text back

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @back2blueside: #Its2019andWeStillCant accept that music in a language other than English might actually slap https://t.co/FnMbFtB6lb

@uglyauntesther (Fred G. Sanford) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant stop calling moderate snowstorms #snowpocalypse2019

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