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Trend time: Sat Jan 12, 2019
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @stardust1006: #Its2019andWeStillCant have real lightsabers

@NinaBucciarati (King Diavolo ) tweeted:

RT @_Snape_: #Its2019andWeStillCant Avada Kedavra people we don't like.

@Reem_Ka (Reem) tweeted:

RT @mrjafri: #Its2019andWeStillCant remember where we parked https://t.co/KpksQvrM1j

@Reem_Ka (Reem) tweeted:

RT @chrisdmytriw1: #Its2019andWeStillCant Heat up our food in the microwave without one side still being cold.

@Reem_Ka (Reem) tweeted:

RT @DaSkrambledEgg: Figure out who let the dogs out #Its2019andWeStillCant

@EmVelez (Manny Velez マニー・ベレス) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant expand the NYC subway.

@justurlocalpan () tweeted:

RT @AgustCypherD: #Its2019andWeStillCant Get me to unstan BTS and you won't do it even when I'm under the dirt.

@bredbychickens (Liz) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant raise the dead

@ItsKristalOrtiz (kristal // ily jongh) tweeted:

RT @_Snape_: #Its2019andWeStillCant Avada Kedavra people we don't like.

@justurlocalpan () tweeted:

RT @hoseokvroom: #Its2019andWeStillCant figure out when jungkook is going to release his mixtape

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