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Trend time: Sat Jan 12, 2019
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@MarionNeitz (Marion Neitz) tweeted:

RT @LiveAction: #Its2019andWeStillCant Defund Planned Parenthood They: - Kill 900 children daily - Are under DOJ investigation for selli…

@ohthtsro (ro) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant mind our own business

@mattrappaport (Matt Rappaport) tweeted:

RT @mattrappaport: #Its2019andWeStillCant say all the crap that we could back in the 80s & 90s https://t.co/VWMthMNGd4

@iamroyonfire (...) tweeted:

RT @AbdulElSayed: #Its2019andWeStillCant figure out how to - keep government open - get clean water to the people in #Flint - provide eve…

@rossssc (Rocko) tweeted:

#Its2019andWeStillCant seem to get electricity to #PuertoRico!?!?!

@iamroyonfire (...) tweeted:

RT @LoxRedFox: #Its2019andWeStillCant get a phone charger cord that doesn’t get damaged https://t.co/E4Q7lnyJ0w

@Pammy_M_ () tweeted:

RT @kevinwxgg: #Its2019andWeStillCant treat each other with kindness and respect?

@Reem_Ka (Reem) tweeted:

RT @ryskuliev: #Its2019andWeStillCant stick USB drive from the first attempt https://t.co/mQu1sPaqG5

@vanilla_shru (Shru || MOTS Persona) tweeted:

RT @RElOFHOPE: #Its2019andWeStillCant accept that bts makes a variety of music and appeals to people of all ages https://t.co/KLhZqgc76t

@BaeP_zey (Ashmine ) tweeted:

RT @seesawyongi: #Its2019andWeStillCant play bts on the radio despite having a huge demand. https://t.co/FpdIffSsG4

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