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@_lola_bee () tweeted:

If I don't text my mom within 10 minutes of arriving at my destination, the cops are banging on the door looking fo… https://t.co/Fv18lBjAPC

@maxpick (Max) tweeted:

Why don’t YOU use YOUR right to remain silent and quit worrying about me. #MyRealLifeLawAndOrder

@NotThatRBaxter (Richard Baxter) tweeted:

Criminally poor social skills #MyRealLifeLawAndOrder

@BrushingOff (Brushing Off) tweeted:

Canadian Police: "Come out with your hands up or we're gonna yell even louder, eh?!" #MyRealLifeLawAndOrder… https://t.co/vDHlRkcDV9

@Darth_Pingu () tweeted:

#MyRealLifeLawAndOrder is actually more like one of those cheesy British murder mysteries where they gather all the… https://t.co/5iHZcxFb54

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#MyRealLifeLawAndOrder My opening statement makes some people uncomfortable but gets a few laughs

@Darth_Pingu () tweeted:

RT @Phroggrl: Who used the last of the toilet paper & didn’t replace the roll... #MyRealLifeLawAndOrder

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#MyRealLifeLawAndOrder is Jack McCoy is my dad. https://t.co/0hkoLqpXDJ

@HapennyHoHum (McSunshine Bear) tweeted:

I had to valet a car for a famous politician once. I thought about writing an angry letter in poop and leaving it i… https://t.co/ljBGbKkqkg

@soupgrowscold (George Campbell) tweeted:

#MyRealLifeLawAndOrder Ditching school for a week, forging notes. The administration wouldn't have it, however, sen… https://t.co/axN4yogFFG

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