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@WILDBOARhitch (Wild Boar Mike Hitch) tweeted:

Atmosphere at the ballroom is INCREDIBLE #nxtuktagtitles

@FtloWrestling (For The Love of Wres) tweeted:

I told you #FTLOW Fans not to sleep on @ZackGibson01 & @JamesDrake_GYT . How did you guys enjoy the opening match?… https://t.co/Lb0F8ZE

@kylemcbeth92 (Kyle McBeth) tweeted:

RT @WWE: b i g s t r o n g b o i #NXTUK #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTUKTagTitles @Tyler_Bate @ZackGibson01 @JamesDrake_GYT https://t.co/d0QAtXssIb

@kylemcbeth92 (Kyle McBeth) tweeted:

RT @WWE: Anyone else in

@_3bdullah98 (abdullah ) tweeted:

RT @TripleH: No longer “soon” to be. Now...the FIRST EVER @NXTUK Tag Team Champions... @JamesDrake_GYT @ZackGibson01 #NXTUKTagTitles #WeAr…

@TheBigManJimmyT (New Year, New Jim) tweeted:

Tyler Bate is an absolute UNIT that double airplane spin was insanity #NXTUKTagTitles

@andreaalas74 (Andrea C) tweeted:

RT @JuaNyP__: https://t.co/H683CRsmUG Volvimos al mundo muchachos. a la TV Alemana..que alegría! Ah no pará.... #MacricidioDia1130 #BuenS…

@kylemcbeth92 (Kyle McBeth) tweeted:

RT @NXTUK: Davey is proud.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @JuaNyP__: En 2011 Cristina inauguraba la planta de #LaSalteña en Burzaco.Empresa q HOY venderá esa planta y se irá del país por la cris…

@kylemcbeth92 (Kyle McBeth) tweeted:

RT @WWEUniverse: These men are giving EVERYTHING! #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTUK #NXTUKTagTitles @JamesDrake_GYT @ZackGibson01 @trentseven @Tyler_Ba…

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