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Trend time: Sat Jan 12, 2019
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@monicaisliberal (Vagina Avenger™️) tweeted:

Oh nothing just some magic about to happen #JulianForTheFuture #Julian2020 https://t.co/X6KyqfqsMx

@julito77 (Julio Ricardo Varela) tweeted:

"Yo soy candidato para Presidente de Estados Unidos," @JulianCastro also says it in Spanish #Julián2020

@JulianCastro (Julián Castro) tweeted:

"Today, we live in a world in which brainpower is the new currency of success." #Julian2020

@JulianCastro (Julián Castro) tweeted:

"We’ll work to make the first two years of college, a certification program or an apprenticeship accessible and aff… https://t.co/ZxrTPU2rGA

@JulianCastro (Julián Castro) tweeted:

"Don’t tell me that Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Jones, Eric Garner, Jason Pero, Stephon Clark, and Sandra Bla… https://t.co/gMgXncqaau

@JulianCastro (Julián Castro) tweeted:

"We’re going to keep saying that #BlackLivesMatter while working toward a justice system where it’s true." #Julian2020

@PuroPincheSA (Puro Pinche) tweeted:

He’s running for President y’all. And he’s doing it in español tambien! @JulianCastro #Julian2020… https://t.co/5llkxqwI8f

@JulianCastro (Julián Castro) tweeted:

We say no to building a wall, and say yes to building community. We say no to scapegoating immigrants, and yes to D… https://t.co/VZ9Ir6WckW

@leahmcelrath (Leah McElrath) tweeted:

I’m not sure I see Julián Castro as having what it takes to break through, but I respect the hell out of him and am… https://t.co/Njz9GNFcBd

@JulianCastro (Julián Castro) tweeted:

"We can protect a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body because for women, access to reproductive… https://t.co/wBS4Zr7zGQ

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