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Trend time: Sat Jan 12, 2019
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@RedMedusa13 (Lisa ) tweeted:

BadFingerBobs #KidsTvBands https://t.co/O7RQi5Saf6

@seomac (George M Henderson) tweeted:

Ben 10cc #KidsTvBands

@seomac (George M Henderson) tweeted:

The Boomtown Rugrats #KidsTvBands

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#KidsTvBands The Manic Pigeon Street Preachers

@TerhiMG (TerhiMG ) tweeted:

#KidsTvBands The Flower pot Men at Work

@brendaanne66 (brenda) tweeted:

Tiswas Not Was #KidsTvBands

@dpjw80 (davidw19) tweeted:

The my little rolling ponies #KidsTvBands

@flamencobug (Flamenco Nut ❄️) tweeted:

Mr. Magoo goo dolls #kidstvbands

@TheSiouxfan (Catwoman) tweeted:

#KidsTvBands Mister Mister Benn

@MaidenWatford () tweeted:

RT @Cute_Cthulhu: #KidsTvBands The Manic Pigeon Street Preachers

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