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Trend time: Sat Jan 12, 2019
Trend location: United Kingdom / United Kingdom
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@SCsirens (squared circle siren) tweeted:

Kay Lee Ray & Jazzy Gabert are both shown in the audience at #NXTTakeoverUK https://t.co/8cWbhyogAk

@thatrangergirl (Sian) tweeted:

Me right now :

@cranmer87 (Tom Cranmer) tweeted:

WHAT.A.MATCH #UKChampionship #NXTTakeOverUK

@littleshebear71 (Ursie B) tweeted:

LOVE the “are you watching @VinceMcMahon” chant (dare I say song?) This is a fantastic match!!! #UKChampionship… https://t.co/XGEosKLeQR

@ASHTONRED6 (Zoe Kravitz Husband) tweeted:

RT @thatrangergirl: Me right now :

@jordanw_s (Jordan W S) tweeted:

Excited to check out #NXTTakeOverUK when I get the chance :)

@reece_59 (Reece) tweeted:

They’re going the full hour aren’t they

@John_Hayhurst (John ✌) tweeted:

Holy Sh*t! What a bloody fantastic match this is! #NXTTakeOverUK

@6ALENCIAGAMMXIX () tweeted:

@PeteDunneYxB deserves to hold that #UKChampionship forever! #NXTTakeOverUK

@chieff89 (Florian Hellmuth) tweeted:

And STILLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! #NXTTakeOverUK https://t.co/SugyClISEw

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