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@SNFonNBC (SNF on NBC) tweeted:

It's been a hot minute since Chiefs have won a playoff game at Arrowhead. (Hint: Joe Montana was the QB) Will the… https://t.co/X52NUpu7WZ

@nflnetwork (NFL Network) tweeted:


@NFL (NFL) tweeted:

Damien Williams jukin' the whole defense

@Chiefs (Kansas City Chiefs) tweeted:

@Liquid_Swordz (Chris) tweeted:

I was going to play a drinking game where I take a shot every time Cris Collinsworth or Al Michaels say the phrase… https://t.co/LXy49MmvBa

@nflnetwork (NFL Network) tweeted:

.@cheetah speed to the END ZONE! #LetsRoll | #INDvsKC https://t.co/208hVWNvfa

@SportsCenter (SportsCenter) tweeted:

Tyreek Hill plays football in blurry speed ⚡️

@LoneWolf3073 (Chris Ferguson) tweeted:

#INDvsKC The Colts right now... https://t.co/u5KXKXPNOb

@Chiefs (Kansas City Chiefs) tweeted:

Let's keep it rolling! #INDvsKC https://t.co/ts3mjiezWh

@JeopardySports (Jeopardy! Sports) tweeted:

“Who are: the Kansas City Chiefs?” #JeopardySports #INDvsKC https://t.co/IH0J6LSGl8

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