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@RealAdamHuish () tweeted:

Oh My Days! Terrific Show! Can't Wait Until #RAW On Monday... #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTTakeOverBlackpool… https://t.co/v6zg5WP68s

@StateofCombat (State of Combat Podc) tweeted:

Another stellar NXT TakeOver, this time from the UK brand. Results, highlights and grades for the entire… https://t.co/BYvcP366Tz

@codycollier24 (Cody Collier ) tweeted:

RT @TWO_Sweeet: Any tweets made to us about #ToniStorm’s private photos that were leaked you will get a instant ban. Don’t be an asshole!…

@funnyasschic (Pelvis Wesley) tweeted:

OH SHIT WALTER!?!? Oh fuckkkkk #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTTakeOverBlackpool

@rangerguy2018 (tattooedpowerranger) tweeted:

RT @JosephConners: The bar has been set The bar has been set high Time for everyone to raise their game or get left behind. What a night,…

@GISALEGEND (Graham) tweeted:

Honestly #NXTTakeOverBlackpool finished so well & can see a quality storyline developing with British Strong Style… https://t.co/lz9p1mg

@Robbielfc74 (Robert Parker) tweeted:

I thought #NXTTakeOverBlackpool was excellent, one of the best I've seen for a while

@IAmKinetik (MF BOOM) tweeted:

I want that jacket Walter wore at #NXTTakeOverBlackpool. I'd wear that to work like a G.

@shaddaypolony (Shadday Polony) tweeted:

RT @RealAdamHuish: Oh My Days! Terrific Show! Can't Wait Until #RAW On Monday... #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTTakeOverBlackpool #NXTUKTakeOverBlac…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Seriously Blackpool is rocking. This show is amazing @WWENXT #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTTakeoverBlackpool

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