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Trend time: Sun Jan 13, 2019
Trend location: Israel / Israel
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@47young1 (Mrs. JenzyJenJenzini) tweeted:

#OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor The plunger https://t.co/6RCXbBxbwK

@mrjafri (Ziggy) tweeted:

Your Spellbook #OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor https://t.co/kY2UtbOlM8

@4headVCR (book worm) tweeted:

Your Mom's disapproving look. #OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor https://t.co/36dLCXgtCl

@fivefortweeting (Justinnn) tweeted:

#OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor Flour Do you have your own Flour At your home you can use

@MELisCrazyInAZ (MELSSENTIAL ) tweeted:

My vibrator #OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor

@Bryandini (Bryant Clements) tweeted:

#OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor Your security blanket https://t.co/DyUewx4skX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Your organic lawn mower #OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor https://t.co/wJZFREGNaP

@Joe_Marcincuk (sunsick) tweeted:

#OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor your profanity-spouting parrot for visits from in-laws @47young1

@totallty (Fables ) tweeted:

#OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor your ice cubes that have the Virgin Mary's face in the bottom of them.

@SpottlessMarxx (Spottless Marxx) tweeted:

#OddThingsToLoanYourNeighbor your hockey mask and machete https://t.co/j0DhoaxzL9

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