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Trend time: Sun Jan 13, 2019
Trend location: Israel / Israel
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@ShroomMeister (Wise Man's Mushroom ) tweeted:

Level 1, except this time, YOU'RE the "Glass Joe." #MegaloBox https://t.co/J7URG1Sr3j

@MykeJinX89 (MykeJinX89 ) tweeted:

Fighting without a Gear? That's a death sentence. #MegaloBox

@MykeJinX89 (MykeJinX89 ) tweeted:

Then again, considering how old fashioned always seem to prevail in some way in #MegaloBox, I think Joe will be fine.

@Kisuru (Cherry Blossom Destr) tweeted:

The perspective of the ring, the close up of his eye, and the loud breathing really put some intensity in that need to win #MegaloBox

@WhoTrendedIT (Who Trended it ?) tweeted:

Wooohoo @KaijiTang is responsible for trending #MegaloBox in the US-of-A. Even as a cold hearted robot, I am impressed.

@brutalpuncher1 (Jesterslayer) tweeted:

What's Happening to Joe What's Going on man fight #MegaloBox https://t.co/RgF2Nt7rBp

@SteelJacket729 (Jared Contraguerro) tweeted:


@Toonami4Ever (The Titans Returns) tweeted:

Boys getting motivation on them #MegaloBox https://t.co/uWmPXRHxVQ

@ShroomMeister (Wise Man's Mushroom ) tweeted:

Nanbu: "JUST PUNCH HIM, DAMMIT ISN'T THAT HOW THIS WORKS?" #MegaloBox https://t.co/j09A1sN7qx

@TheNextHokage (Naruto Uzumaki) tweeted:

Remember that you always have people by your side, Joe. #MegaloBox

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