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@kadeem_kusaragi (Kadeem Kusaragi/The ) tweeted:

WHAT THE HEEEEELLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 GIVE ME SOME OF THAT MONEY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 #jojosbizarreadventure #Toonami

@Geni_Zed (GeniZed) tweeted:

Josuke: "120,000 yen? That's almost like a million dollars!" Okuyasu: "Does that mean Morioh is located outside of… https://t.co/qtH2XDfTXT

@photomonsterAJ (LittleMonster AJ) tweeted:

Stand Name: Harvest Stand User: Shigekiyo Yangu (Shigechi) Musical Reference: The Album Harvest by Neil Young… https://t.co/vCcCo4ahG3

@ScalaAdCaelum31 (Randolph Pinckney) tweeted:

@sdurso5 @Matt_lonewolf @brutalpuncher1 @arwatson714 @MirandaEvaKH TOM, you need to hire Shigechi to get you more… https://t.co/dx6S8TjOra

@ImperfectXIII (ImperfectXIII) tweeted:

This sounds about as well-thought-out as one of Eddy's schemes in Ed Edd n Eddy. #JoJosBizarreAdventure #DiamondIsUnbreakable #Toonami

@ScalaAdCaelum31 (Randolph Pinckney) tweeted:

@sdurso5 @Matt_lonewolf @brutalpuncher1 @arwatson714 @MirandaEvaKH I really want a Harvest right now. To pay off e… https://t.co/IlySTLAQ9x

@ScalaAdCaelum31 (Randolph Pinckney) tweeted:

@sdurso5 @Matt_lonewolf @brutalpuncher1 @arwatson714 @MirandaEvaKH Shigechi, Josuke & Okayasu are our moneymaking… https://t.co/FDNh05m

@NightOfSky101 (Jessica♡) tweeted:

Run Koichi run #Toonami #jojosbizarreadventure

@MewtwoMudkip (TheJuanAndOnlyMewtwo) tweeted:

Ahhhhhhh she’s back #Toonami https://t.co/HpgUtjjzi7

@ScalaAdCaelum31 (Randolph Pinckney) tweeted:

@sdurso5 @Matt_lonewolf @brutalpuncher1 @arwatson714 @MirandaEvaKH Koichi, you better run, boy! It's the crazy gir… https://t.co/CuikuSajuY

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