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Trend time: Sun Jan 13, 2019
Trend location: Jordan / Jordan
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@lgorhythmical (Vili Ross) tweeted:

Best present solution for #Kurds & #Assad's secular Syria. The Syrian constitution guarantees all of Syria's ethnic… https://t.co/2SX3I7

@KyleWOrton (Kyle Orton) tweeted:

#Turkey has made mistakes in handling #ISIS, writes @scsazak, but those alleging collusion are mistaken, where they… https://t.co/KYToqcyIO4

@Kramersson (Kosmo) tweeted:

عبارة ان قالها بشار ثلاث مرات لأصبحت منحبكجيا له و أموت في دبادبه: ست بساس بست أكياس كل بس بكيس #سوريا #Syria

@menqvist70 (Marko Enqvist) tweeted:

"Only 960 out of 6,833 #Russia/n and #Syria/n strikes, or 14 percent, targeted the Islamic State, the Voice of Amer… https://t.co/UMm9KhpBng

@intlibecosoc (Javier #Rise4Idlib ) tweeted:

Syrian refugees wading through knee-deep water in Lebanon camps: "The Lebanese government fears the Syrian refugees… https://t.co/ffjSTPc1dA

@TheArabSource (Al-Masdar News) tweeted:

Kurdish forces kill several Turkish-backed rebels in 3 separate ambushes (video) https://t.co/PiU06Q7Zd9 #Afrin #Syria

@philosproject (The Philos Project) tweeted:

"News of Turkish military involvement in northern #Syria impacts us strongly & negatively. #Christians don't want t… https://t.co/sRluWM

@walid970721 (Walid) tweeted:

Naive American liberals who think that if Islamists take over #Syria, there will be freedom and democracy, are pull… https://t.co/Oyua0V3NtG

@yvonneridley (yvonne ridley) tweeted:

Can the @CharityComms adopt a bit of common sense & stop intimidating Brit charities from helping disabled kids in… https://t.co/GjcNxzD

@MintPressNews (MintPress News) tweeted:

A memo leaked by Wikileaks makes the case to arm rebels in #Syria.

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