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@ConnectyCTY (Connecty.io) tweeted:

#AI Can Now Decode Words Directly from Brain Waves #Neuroscientists are teaching computers to read words straight o… https://t.co/u1Yj4KsiTR

@Externatic (EXTERNATIC) tweeted:

Venez rencontrer 3 experts du recrutement informatique et de la marque employeur le 22-23/01 à Nantes au… https://t.co/hdE3SViB54

@Alex_Barillet (In Principio) tweeted:

Une Intelligence Artificielle parvient à apprendre une langue comme le ferait un enfant en écoutant et voyant des s… https://t.co/a1L0oUm02O

@HaroldSinnott (Harold Sinnott ) tweeted:

@ravikikan @nodexl @MikeQuindazzi @jblefevre60 @TamaraMcCleary @chidambara09 @evankirstel @Ronald_vanLoon… https://t.co/WEGKAHI2Um

@PeterOlukai (Peter Oluka) tweeted:

Setting up for #TechExpo2019 organised by @FmstNg led by Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, holding at #OkparaSquare, #Enugu State.… https://t.co/SfT6mhcPLQ

@Julez_Norton (Julia Norton) tweeted:

Kroger and Microsoft are teaming up to create the grocery store of the future #innovation #robotics #IoT #AI… https://t.co/fzfLXEJggO

@Julez_Norton (Julia Norton) tweeted:

These waiter robots are controlled by disabled people from their homes #robotics #AI #technology #innovation… https://t.co/aLs6pBDLtf

@Ronald_vanLoon (Ronald van Loon @Mic) tweeted:

#ArtificialIntelligence Needs a Strong Data Foundation by @JimMarous @FinancialBrand | https://t.co/dZEVPio0Es… https://t.co/aCWryTIjgc

@antgrasso (Antonio Grasso) tweeted:

Innovation is not a free journey! Discover the common obstacles. Link >> https://t.co/N8BXfS3zxt @Paul4innovating… https://t.co/EYB0QK

@Omkar_Raii (Dr.Omkar Rai) tweeted:

India can emerge as a rule maker of 21st century &take a lead in setting global agenda in the areas of multilateral… https://t.co/sSIBXQ

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