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@Nwabugo_ (Ugo) tweeted:

RT @TheClaireAdaji: See who’s talking about low? Lmao. You that looks like something I drew with my left hand? You want to use me to catch…

@patyvaldesg (patricia) tweeted:

RT @milkygoddess: ur cute but u would look cuter holding my hand i’m just sayin

@KimLynneZee (Kim Z) tweeted:

RT @MichaelAvenatti: TSA employees have the power to single handily force Trump’s hand and end the shutdown. No question. If they all walk…

@RamsbottomArt (Art For Now) tweeted:

RT @rcoxART: Oasis - Oils on canvas. Avail' as a Hand Embellished Ltd Edition on Canvas, signed, framed & with certificate. RT? https://

@RickAndKim30yrs (DeplorableTx#MAGA) tweeted:

RT @Debradelai: If nothing else, this tweet shows clearly that Beijing Duane has lost her last marble. Newsflash: 1. President Trump is ho…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Shawnife_: Asiwaju: Goodbye I’ll die soon. I’m gone Twitter NG: “Gimme your iPhone X” “Abeg I fit see 100k for your hand” “Shey you g…

@8BitQueso (8bitQueso ) tweeted:

RT @bruderkaitlin: have you taken a break recently? here are a couple of the hand/wrist stretches I do regularly, especially while I’m draw…

@0tasune (victorian opossum) tweeted:

RT @elfcrab: host vampire nishiki and mothman go on a roller skating date and hold hand to wing and then nishiki turns into a fish and moth…

@TashaNisman (Tasha Nisman) tweeted:

RT @HydroHaacker: Boomers: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. GenX: When life hands you lemons, create a startup to market lemon j…

@6fivenothin (mt.........) tweeted:

RT @recklessclout: I hate when my damn hand feel like this https://t.co/gfIBPp1R8N

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