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Trend time: Sun Jan 13, 2019
Trend location: Kenya / Kenya
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@Bettymakena7 (Bettymckennah) tweeted:

RT @Fitz_Mistari: What are you still doing in bed tune in .@_k24tv or on our Facebook live and worship with us together #restorationofallth…

@Bettymakena7 (Bettymckennah) tweeted:

RT @MauaAnnbelle: Holy Holy Lord God almighty Who was, is and is to come #RestorationOfAllThings @JccKenya

@Bettymakena7 (Bettymckennah) tweeted:

RT @JccKenya: Holy holy God all creation and men from all tongues praise your name and so I will #RestorationOfAllThings https://t.co/RSIPH…

@Bettymakena7 (Bettymckennah) tweeted:

RT @Fitz_Mistari: #restorationofallthings https://t.co/dTPNVQflTv

@Bettymakena7 (Bettymckennah) tweeted:

RT @MauaAnnbelle: The Lord is good He is very good He is very good Good to me #RestorationOfAllThings https://t.co/6xSYBVSlyq

@Bettymakena7 (Bettymckennah) tweeted:

RT @JccKenya: To watch our first service on Facebook click on the link below https://t.co/HyYE9NAgnJ #RestorationOfAllThings https://t.co/0…

@Bettymakena7 (Bettymckennah) tweeted:

Hallelujah! @JccKenya #RestorationOfAllThings

@Fitz_Mistari (Fitz Mistari) tweeted:

#restorationofallthings https://t.co/A1h9wcfWBE

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Welcome to fellowship with us this morning @JccKenya #RestorationOfAllThings https://t.co/L2b8vnVT48

@JccKenya (JCC Parklands) tweeted:

If you are watching us on @K24Tv Facebook or You Tube join us in worship. Ours is an omnipresent God, lift up your… https://t.co/WYIJZZ7rZA

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