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Trend time: Sun Jan 13, 2019
Trend location: Kenya / Kenya
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@mastermogaka (mastermogaka) tweeted:

#ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom Bukhungu stadium tunakuja @SafaricomPLC @AngelNgunjiri @mwaishie @philipcourtyne @WaroshWang https://t.co/WVAZ7q5CfC

@mastermogaka (mastermogaka) tweeted:

Watu wangu tupatane Bukhungu Stadium #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom @SafaricomPLC @AngelNgunjiri @mwaishie @WaroshWang… https://t.co/5GLc9nP0X9

@iam_bett (Evans Bett) tweeted:

It's another year of creating more opportunities and today the #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom tournament is being held at a… https://t.co/Od8X0S1it6

@philipcourtyne (Eng. courtyne) tweeted:

@mastermogaka @DorahManya @QwetuRadio @mwaishie #chapadimbanasafaricom Mwaishie we have to go now https://t.co/GHr9A3nSYO

@BLAZEKenya (BLAZE Kenya) tweeted:

The mentorship sessions by @kubambatv were pretty lit and timely because the Ebbu Stars had just lost their game ag… https://t.co/IlLo8XAzvJ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Go for Goal mentorship program courtesy of Safaricom and Blaze Kenya. It's been awesome engaging the blazers, shar… https://t.co/VDSuonNqPY

@BLAZEKenya (BLAZE Kenya) tweeted:

The Saints, full of energy and GRIT, said that they'd win today's #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom Semi-Finals and THEY DID I… https://t.co/2rZZDm1OTE

@ednahjacksons (Edzil ) tweeted:

Butere (Mumias) destroyed the title hopes of Ebu Stars who are from Vihiga by thrashing them 4-0 and securing a slo… https://t.co/95kejbipBY

@dlukoye (Dan Lukoye) tweeted:

RT @ednahjacksons: Familiar faces and fans supporting their teams at Bhukungu stadium for the finals of #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom #TwendeLaLig…

@BLAZEKenya (BLAZE Kenya) tweeted:

We are more than the champions of today. We are the leaders of tomorrow! That's why @kubambatv wamekam kumentor pla… https://t.co/pj1OiYZHJj

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