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@mastermogaka (mastermogaka) tweeted:

Hapa tunatangatanga tu kwa uwanja wa Bukhungu #ChapaDimbanaSafaricom @SafaricomPLC @AngelNgunjiri @mwaishie… https://t.co/MWTryz0ag7

@SafaricomPLC (Safaricom PLC) tweeted:

The girls’ final match has kicked off. Will Bishop Njenga defend their title again or will Ibinzo Girls be crowned… https://t.co/2gqKTCRt5z

@mastermogaka (mastermogaka) tweeted:

Afisa makosa yangu nikupenda football #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom @SafaricomPLC @WaroshWang @mariammanono @maliloblessed… https://t.co/LT4NQgseFw

@DaviesKinanga (Davies™) tweeted:

RT @SafaricomPLC: The Bukhungu Stadium, Kakamega turf is ready for the Western region finals. We are ready to witness amazing

@brayanimbayi (Brayani Imbayi) tweeted:

RT @SafaricomPLC: Current mood at the Bukhungu Stadium, Kakamega for the #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom Western Region finals. #TwendeLaLiga https:…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @mastermogaka: Tuko hapa na mashabiki at Bukhungu Stadium #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom @SafaricomPLC @AngelNgunjiri @mwaishie @WaroshWang @phi…

@DaviesKinanga (Davies™) tweeted:

Day 2!!! #ChapaDimbaNaSafaricom Western Regional finals. #TwendeLaLiga https://t.co/IFSJ94L5PA

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