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Trend time: Wed Jan 16, 2019
Trend location: Querétaro / Mexico
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Voilà pour le #challenge10years

@ByronM41 (Byron M.) tweeted:

RT @darioemehache: #2009vs2019challenge me he puesto fuerte. https://t.co/zyxJfifzLF

@MrsLovatoJonass (rivernemiavengers) tweeted:

RT @MadDeLaGarza: i win #2009vs2019challenge https://t.co/abtLDKhjga

@jet_bomber (Joaquín Guzmán) tweeted:

RT @Mr_SALS: I’ve changed alot #2009vs2019challenge https://t.co/jCTwoBZnOS

@sorryimalyx (AlyxTheEmo⚰️) tweeted:

RT @markiplier: 10 years of gromp #2009vs2019challenge https://t.co/hE4nWbIkrO

@Lunatikzer1993 (Francky) tweeted:

RT @germignon_: #2009vs2019challenge https://t.co/J6RChRA9LV

@coachtrusthim (monsieur Pascal siak) tweeted:

RT @SmileJohanne: Voilà pour le #challenge10years

@TribunaEspana (La Tribuna de España) tweeted:

#Brexit #LohanBeachClub #TaNoAr #2009vs2019challenge @HannareitscH14

@alduckz (солдаты НАТО) tweeted:

#2009vs2019challenge https://t.co/xIGJacLvAo

@WaterstonesPicc (Waterstones Piccadil) tweeted:

We've gained a more stylish font and lost an apostrophe. Other than that, not looking bad for an 83 year old lady.… https://t.co/O9slr4hLPC

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