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@Lespiedsoujveut (Jemetlespiedsoujveut) tweeted:

C'était un beau match! #ENGvFRA #ANGFRA https://t.co/D4QNAFu0RW

@TheOncleGeorges (Oncle Georges) tweeted:

Les anglais sont allés au plus profond de la défense française. #ANGFRA #ENGvFRA https://t.co/y0oHhxMlSi

@SixNationsRugby (Guinness Six Nations) tweeted:

Worth reading for the headline alone...

@5liveSport (BBC 5 Live Sport) tweeted:

"Wales don't need motivation when they know they've got a decent England side coming to town"

@katiephilippa (Katie Mostyn) tweeted:

You know the rugby’s good when you’re too busy watching to even think about tweeting about it. What an incredible performance! #ENGvFRA

@njm2468 (Nigel Moore) tweeted:

RT @SixNationsRugby: An unforgettable day at Twickenham... #ENGvFRA #GuinnessSixNations https://t.co/BeC3PnfeTW

@Rugby4Cast (Rugby4Cast) tweeted:

England's 36 point win today over France was their 7th biggest home win in any 4, 5 or 6 Nations match. Quite a vic… https://t.co/pHw9Cs1BoU

@bigboutya1 (Mo) tweeted:

How do you say 'stupid' in #French ? #GuinnessSixNations this tournament should be restructured to the #fournations… https://t.co/ajcOy7x2dm

@Rachybobbins (Rachy) tweeted:

RT @LauraJadee92: Football is 90 minutes pretending you are hurt. Rugby is 80 minutes pretending you’re not. #ENGvFRA #GuinnessSixNations h…

@SunitaEllis (Sunita Ellis) tweeted:

RT @EnglandRugby: It's full time at Twickenham and England have beaten France in the #GuinnessSixNations #ENGvFRA #CarryThemHome

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