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@RuthRobinsonLon (Ruth Robinson) tweeted:

RT @EnglandRugby: 25' ENG 16 - 3 FRA TRY | Excellent from England as the ball is spread wide for Jonny May who shows impressive footwork…

@BernierJulieth (Julieth Bernier) tweeted:

RT @francetvsport: IMAGE IMPRESSIONNANTE ! Le visage en sang du troisième ligne anglais Tom Curry qui se donne corps et âme pour le XV de l…

@Kyle_Peterson (Kyle Peterson) tweeted:

RT @kateejamieson: Football: "He touched my arm so I can't carry on without rolling on the ground for a bit" Rugby: #ENGvFRA https://t.c…

@Trots_Afrikaner (Gesoute Afrikaner) tweeted:

RT @sarah_talbot28: Football is 90 minutes pretending you are hurt. Rugby is 80 minutes pretending you’re not. #ENGvFRA #GuinnessSixNations…

@djcoil (Doug Coil) tweeted:

RT @EnglandRugby: It's full time at Twickenham and England have beaten France in the #GuinnessSixNations #ENGvFRA #CarryThemHome

@D_Dunne1 (Darren) tweeted:

England to win the Six Nations now imo although Wales could beat them in Cardiff #ENGvFRA

@ScottSunderl4nd (Scott Sunderland) tweeted:

I just died a little inside watching Eddie jones sing/mouth “god save the queen” in the stands #ENGvFRA. https://t.co/EVFX7hbM8H

@NoelHatherall14 (Noel Hatherall) tweeted:

Nigel Owens is a master of his craft #ENGvFRA

@jacquibassocpa (Jacquelyn M. Basso) tweeted:

#Rugbyonnbc #SundayFunday #ENGvFRA These rugby players are fierce and officials pleading for fair play and politeness :)

@ellensm1th (Ellen) tweeted:

RT @NigelPClarkson: Rugby ref talking to 2 men over 17 stone each, telling them to play hard but play fair & remember ‘Rugby is a game o

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