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Trend time: Thu Apr 16, 2015
Trend location: Salt Lake City / United States
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@Mama_Mitchell (Mama Mitchelltoe) tweeted:

Drowning Pulled Pork #Bandwiches @midnight

@Nathanpehler (Natanic) tweeted:

Robin Thickburger #Bandwiches @midnight

@JaneGerst (Jane Gerst) tweeted:

@midnight Beach Po'Boys #Bandwiches

@lizzmcdonough (Lizz McDonough) tweeted:

PB&Jay-Z. #Bandwiches @midnight

@David_Collier (David Collier) tweeted:

Bread Zeppelin @midnight #Bandwiches

@SpacedChimp (pmihCdecapS) tweeted:

#Bandwiches Prawn instead of Korn

@SeriousTalkTwit (SeriousTalkSeriously) tweeted:

Báhn mi jovi #bandwiches @midnight

@realjonconnor () tweeted:

Bread #Bandwiches @midnight

@Maleekyleek (Hugh Honey) tweeted:

Pantera Bread @midnight #Bandwiches

@Jonnie_W (Jonnie W.) tweeted:

The Dave Clark Five Dollar Footlong #Bandwiches @midnight

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