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Trend time: Thu Apr 16, 2015
Trend location: Salt Lake City / United States
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@vancesanders (vance sanders) tweeted:

Polish Boy George #bandwiches @midnight

@andrewpfister (Andrew Pfister) tweeted:

Godspeed You! Black Forest Ham and Cheese #Bandwiches @midnight

@Connerish (Ms. Connerish) tweeted:

Culture ClubHouse #Bandwiches @midnight

@PrimroseMK (Primrose MK ) tweeted:

The Black Keysadilla #Bandwiches @midnight

@PrancingPapio () tweeted:

TLC (Tomato, Lettuce and Chilli) #Bandwiches @midnight

@ProxySeth (seth) tweeted:

Sum... More bacon 41 #Bandwiches

@ComedianBenRice (Comedienne Ben Rice) tweeted:

Croque MaDamn Yankees #Bandwiches @midnight

@2cheee (Jacqueline Tucci) tweeted:

RT @ronnypascale: Notorious BLT @midnight #Bandwiches #PointsMe

@__DMan__ (Scoop Dogg) tweeted:

U.K. Subs #Bandwiches

@ElinRoberts (Elin Roberts) tweeted:

George Michael Fluffernutter #Bandwiches @midnight

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