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Trend time: Thu Apr 16, 2015
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@unrulyian (Ian) tweeted:

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of The Breadcrumbs @midnight #Bandwiches

@botoups (Bo Toups) tweeted:

Culture Club sandwich #Bandwiches @midnight

@mkomen (Matt Komen) tweeted:

Haim And Swiss @midnight #Bandwiches

@Robertomorley (Roberto) tweeted:

#Bandwiches The Bee Cheese

@bobbyomoto (Bobby Omoto) tweeted:

The Slider Doors #Bandwiches @midnight

@davesdogmaggie (Judgment Dave) tweeted:

Run DMcDLT #Bandwiches @midnight

@yogi_bari (Yogi Bari) tweeted:

The Footlong Patrol #Bandwiches @midnight

@NoLuckCanuck (Scott Meeks) tweeted:

Talking Headcheese @midnight #Bandwiches

@wdsteeves (wdsteeves) tweeted:

The Pastramiaphonic Spree @midnight #Bandwiches

@mannydipreso (Manny DiPreso) tweeted:

Afrika Ciabaataa #Bandwiches @midnight

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