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Trend time: Mon Feb 11, 2019
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@dirtroaddiva1 () tweeted:

THIS. #RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs https://t.co/NLIodWmtqP

@xmillrunner (Shine Bright ) tweeted:

Spoiled milks #RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs

@ () tweeted:

Empty wine bottles #RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs

@Superbokka (Paul Boxshall) tweeted:

#RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs My dirty laundry.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

The empty box in a box, box. #RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs

@MasterJediMara (Mara Jade Skywalker) tweeted:

#RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs pineapple pizza @firstandmonday @thebruceharris

@CatBirder27 (John ) tweeted:

Schrodinger's box of the month club #RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs

@ExpensiveWino1 (The Expensive Wino) tweeted:

Pandora's Box of...uh...fun? Yeah...we'll just say "fun"! #rejectedboxofthemonthclubs

@mugsynme (thebonecollector) tweeted:

#RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs all the missing dryer socks https://t.co/27ONHc9in5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

SJW faded hair dye kit. With FREE snot-hanger nose-ring. #RejectedBoxOfTheMonthClubs

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