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@binks_james (James B.I.N.S 37) tweeted:

#TheFirstTimeITriedIt there was a funny taste #SpongebobSquarePants @TagsTotally @brainyjayney @nickynoble https://t.co/HLEodTXDe8

@Quizical123 (Quizi Cheese Pumps A) tweeted:

#TheFirstTimeITriedIt I had to phone Roger https://t.co/EIQ17ynvaX

@weirdsavant (Weird Savant ) tweeted:

#TheFirstTimeITriedIt it worked. I was only being sarcastic about dirty DMs. https://t.co/UTH7xKuQy0

@TheTarotBabe_ () tweeted:

Astral Travel? #TheFirstTimeITriedIt I was 2 years old.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#TheFirstTimeITriedIt I failed at becoming a blogger.... https://t.co/AnsFfE0DVp

@weirdsavant (Weird Savant ) tweeted:

#TheFirstTimeITriedIt went a lot better than expected, which was nice until her husband found out she popped my cherry. Bloody cougar!

@1partVodka (cheers y’all) tweeted:

#TheFirstTimeITriedIt i was scared and didn’t enjoy it, but the next time.....

@Copnorcopia (Christopher Honeyman) tweeted:

#TheFirstTimeITriedIt I snorted the lot up through a ten-bob note.

@twitsnotnice (Feral Urkel) tweeted:

RT @KennethReading: #TheFirstTimeITriedIt I was deceived into thinking it was free

@BrainyJayney (Brainy Jayney) tweeted:

RT @binks_james: #TheFirstTimeITriedIt there was a funny taste #SpongebobSquarePants @TagsTotally @brainyjayney @nickynoble https://t.co/H…

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