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Trend time: Mon Feb 11, 2019
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@essexarchive (Essex Record Office) tweeted:

The invention of wireless communication by Guglielmo Marconi brought thousands of jobs to #Essex during the 20th C.… https://t.co/ZdgdaeZ08O

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

.@UTC has a history of inventors and this year we get to celebrate a new member of that team! #DYK? Art Collins an… https://t.co/AtFL4YjR1n

@Victaulic (Victaulic) tweeted:

This #NationalInventorsDay, we're celebrating 100 years of our commitment to customer collaboration and continuous… https://t.co/Zu8jT6q3d7

@PennsylvaniaGov (Pennsylvania) tweeted:

Happy #NationalInventorsDay, PA!

@The7DWikia (The 7D Wiki) tweeted:

Today's #NationalInventorsDay! We dedicate this tweet to the most intelligent dwarf of the all, Doc! Here are some… https://t.co/jQQTb2vLlY

@bridgeportbrew (BridgePortBrew) tweeted:

On #NationalInventorsDay we're raising our Original IPA in a toast to innovation, fresh local ingredients and best… https://t.co/EWXUecQwG1

@USCapHis (USCHS) tweeted:

Today is #NationalInventorsDay! These lunette portraits of inventors John Fitch, Benjamin Franklin, and Robert Fult… https://t.co/uh1MDviwpQ

@RBatSWNN (The Resistance Broad) tweeted:

Star Wars is the best invention ever. So thank you George Lucas! #NationalInventorsDay https://t.co/EOscwGFi8Z

@CSuiteSocial () tweeted:

Today is #NationalInventorsDay and there is no question who our favorite is! @LonnieGJohnson not only invented the… https://t.co/sSb5Vcyy7S

@LonnieGJohnson (Lonnie Johnson) tweeted:

Don’t stop until they think your hard work was luck. #NationalInventorsDay

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