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@JessesLaw (Elaine Taylor) tweeted:

#MSNBC #deadlinewh #inners #Maddow #lastword https://t.co/EKdGYulqUG

@TearsInHeaven09 (Free bird) tweeted:

Frank sounds like he's in a box @msnbc Fix it PLEASE #DeadlineWH

@JDLuckenbach (Luke) tweeted:

I can’t stand it anymore. Dems... Impeach his traitorous ass now before the idiot can do anymore damage to this country! #deadlinewh

@craftyme25 (Protect Mueller!) tweeted:


@sueinphilly (SueinPhilly) tweeted:

#deadlinewh Irony just died https://t.co/gN71r5Ev1p

@edz1 (edz1) tweeted:

Steve Benson, Artist #DeadlineWH @realDonaldTrump @MSNBC #MTPDaily #MuellerIsComing https://t.co/w7jtDDMZaf

@edz1 (edz1) tweeted:

@JACKOHMAN #DeadlineWH @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/6ti2xTlU2V

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Will a lazy president make for a safer America? ...... Yes! If it's Trumpy. #deadlineWH

@SchrodSnoFlake (Schrödinger's Snowfl) tweeted:

Yes, @NicolleDWallace, watching TV can be work. It's called "research." @DeadlineWH #DeadlineWH (jkjk) https://t.co/TMDYiBXhLF

@Nartist (Nioshii) tweeted:

@NicolleDWallace Not only is it worse that he’s making calls on an unsecured phone, but if he is conducting govt bu… https://t.co/wCx9hK70LE

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