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@Mass_211 (Mass211) tweeted:

Happy #211Day from members of our team! You can dial 2-1-1 from any landline or cell phone to be connected with an… https://t.co/poGuwCp3xV

@MentorMI (Mentor Michigan) tweeted:

Happy National #211Day! 2-1-1 is a resource that connects people with local assistance in their community. Services… https://t.co/svBjGzjNwF

@UnitedWaySEM (United Way SEM) tweeted:

Happy #211Day! Every day, our 2-1-1 team is there to answer the call when Metro Detroiters need help. Today, we cel… https://t.co/1FPhcVPkps

@UWBayArea (United Way Bay Area) tweeted:

Happy #211Day to the thousands of amazing 2-1-1 specialists who help people everyday throughout the U.S. and Canada… https://t.co/NIRNUPuT7P

@UnitedWay (United Way) tweeted:

Did you know? --> A 2018 Federal Reserve study found that 40% of U.S. adults don’t have enough savings to cover a $… https://t.co/Quf4n4H

@WindsorPolice (Windsor Police) tweeted:

911 is always available for an emergency. 211 can offer many community and social services. #MakeTheRightCall… https://t.co/i1Wob0KOWO

@CrisisTextLine (Crisis Text Line) tweeted:

Happy #211Day to all of our 211 partners across the country! To learn more about our favorite resources, check out… https://t.co/yHlp9wJLZn

@UnitedWayofCM (United Way CM) tweeted:

Today is #211Day here is how it works: https://t.co/an0yNmh6tO

@cybersupportnet (Cybercrime Support) tweeted:

@UnitedWaySOKY (United Way SOKY) tweeted:

When someone calls 2-1-1, the call is confidential. You never have to feel embarrassed or uneasy about reaching out… https://t.co/BV8H2jaQdW

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