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Trend time: Mon Feb 11, 2019
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@MicahSmith_TV (Micah Smith WBTV) tweeted:

NOW: South High School students officially walked out of school. They are now picketing with teachers.… https://t.co/ia4LZaCTDm

@novenator (ɹoʇɐuǝʌou ) tweeted:

@SenSanders Bernie stood with the #TeachersStrike in LA, and now he's standing with the #DenverTeacherStrike. Why a… https://t.co/NuDzTuF8UY

@ChristineKramar (Christine Kramar) tweeted:

In solidarity with #DenverTeacherStrike #Red4Ed #Union #Edu #RedForEd #LivingWage #UnionStrong #PowerToTheTeachers… https://t.co/HJOd1GE3n8

@MelanieAsmar (Melanie Asmar) tweeted:

Students walk out of East High and join the picket line #DenverTeacherStrike https://t.co/xVrG29Mrb9

@BillieJeanKing (Billie Jean King) tweeted:

Fair pay and respect. These are not big asks. I stand with Denver’s teachers because they deserve better.… https://t.co/BnT81PnJMZ

@MOREcaucusNYC (MORE-UFT) tweeted:

#DCTA #DenverTeacherStrike #RedForEd https://t.co/r8PGbejGEA

@cceanv (Clark County Educati) tweeted:

CCEA stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers leading the #DenverTeacherStrike today! It's time to send a… https://t.co/HiAmXyfM63

@MOREcaucusNYC (MORE-UFT) tweeted:

Here's the original source of our last tweet- thank you, Hayley, for all you do for your students. NYC teachers are… https://t.co/cbnn5GICSR

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

-Have you researched lately how much your school superintendent gets paid + benefits vs teachers? -Do you know the… https://t.co/e6efEbFHKP

@People4Bernie (People for Bernie) tweeted:

During the #DenverTeacherStrike strike, students are playing Public Enemy’s ‘Fight the Power' and dancing in the ha… https://t.co/XBSH6qNlhX

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