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Trend time: Mon Feb 11, 2019
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@JamieJBartlett (Jamie Bartlett) tweeted:

Very cool that #BBCPanorama is taking on a subject that is huge but many BBC viewers might never have heard of: social media influencers.

@AMTomchak (Anne-Marie Tomchak) tweeted:

Fascinating insight from @CatrinNye into the underbelly of social media “influencers” on @BBCOne @BBCPanorama now!… https://t.co/nlwXQJ6w8C

@pennypower (Penny Power OBE) tweeted:

Incredible to see the interview the teenage students, spending 7-10hours a day in social and saying they feel very… https://t.co/nh3O8cuHHk

@milkbubbletea (Becky) tweeted:

Anyone promoting laxative teas as “healthy weight loss” option should be ashamed of themselves. I feel like influen… https://t.co/jxudLwRa98

@jennafarmeruk (Jenna Farmer) tweeted:

For those watching #BBCPanorama program on influencers, here’s my post on the guidelines bloggers SHOULD be follow… https://t.co/YkJSVnmRxR

@JessLemonTree (Jess McBeath) tweeted:

Every student in a typical P7 class has a different favourite You Tuber (in my experience) . We need to talk more a… https://t.co/fKJkM4H7pE

@mariajblogs (MariaJ) tweeted:

RT @milkbubbletea: When it comes to the term influencer... There’s a huge difference to someone who has spent years being passionate and sh…

@HannahLayford (Hannah Layford) tweeted:

@erica_davies Did you see Carolyn who @slowtravelerthe's Instagram story about the producer from #BBCPanorama who approached her?

@AllisonBakerFit (Allison Baker MA, LM) tweeted:

RT @CatrinNye: Matty Hibbert is only 13 but he’s smart, he’s very aware of how social media works, how YouTube works, and he still got draw…

@blondeafro (Chi Chi Izundu) tweeted:

RT @CatrinNye: Skinny Coffee Club. Told by ASA in 2017 to remove unauthorised health claims Ignored. Kept recruiting influencers to push…

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