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Trend time: Tue Feb 12, 2019
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@AmyKup (Amy Kuperinsky) tweeted:

This dog has been obedience champion at #westminsterdogshow for 3 years running. Heart, a Labrador retriever from C… https://t.co/u56jqs83yo

@jennhsu (Jennifer Hsu) tweeted:

This is Anna from Connecticut (you can’t make this stuff up!) She’s been getting combed for over 1.5 hours...… https://t.co/6mHmJ5jQ4z

@TheRealRoxanneR (Roxanne) tweeted:

“The origin of the chihuahua is a mystery!” No it’s not, everyone knows they came straight from hell. #westminsterdogshow

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Watching the #westminsterdogshow! https://t.co/xmUCjVY8SN

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#BIS #westminsterdogshow we love Rudy. When do we get to see the English Bulldogs. We're getting sleepy. https://t.co/wptuT2bxoF

@MaryG0401 () tweeted:

Loving the #westminsterdogshow

@Catsemail (Cleopatra English Bu) tweeted:

Lizzie is so nervous for the Bulldog she’s hitting the bottle. #westminsterdogshow https://t.co/ygwqUnPqOu

@rkrause74 (Rebecca Granath) tweeted:

Franklin and Fiona #BestAtHome #Westminsterdogshow watching the herding group :) https://t.co/zzhkuA9kTo

@LilacSundayBlog (Lilac Sunday) tweeted:

That German Shepherd has the moves like Jagger. #WestminsterDogShow

@TheGonzoInSA (Gonzalo Gonzales) tweeted:

I’m at @PatOBriensSA this Friday. #westminsterdogshow https://t.co/jpaV3RK0ap

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