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@NERevolution (New England Revoluti) tweeted:

Heard it’s #BachelorMonday...

@jill_lesneski (Jill Lesneski) tweeted:

#BachelorMonday gets me through the day

@amberarcher93 (Amber Archer) tweeted:

RT @macdonald_mic: Only reason I look forward to Monday’s ... #BachelorMonday #TheBachlor @BachelorABC

@JickNones (Nick Jones) tweeted:

@BachelorABC or softcore porn? #bachelormonday https://t.co/Z4em5kkJMT

@martos_f (silvio F martos) tweeted:

RT @NERevolution: Heard it’s #BachelorMonday...

@JickNones (Nick Jones) tweeted:

Kirpa is ready for anything during her 1-on-1, Demi is a teary groupie. #bachelormonday

@MoMo4Sho1 (Morgan Taylor) tweeted:

Maybe we’ll see him jump the fence at the women tell all

@EyyeCee (Ivanna) tweeted:


@bachelorzonepod (The Bachelor Zone) tweeted:

Keep an eye on Caelynn and Cassie double-teaming #HannahG on defense. Hannah G has chewed fat in the past with Cael… https://t.co/Hc0L6mR2dO

@teemostat (Taylor Mostat) tweeted:

Hannah B “roaring” was old after the first time.

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