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Trend time: Thu Apr 16, 2015
Trend location: Oklahoma City / United States
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@JamesInDigital (James Schumacher) tweeted:

BÁHN MÍ IVER #Bandwiches @midnight

@LamarrWilson (Lamarr Wilson) tweeted:

The word #Bandwiches is trending. http://t.co/CqbAQYnngv

@TTMobile_uk (TT Mobile UK) tweeted:

TT UK 05:56 1.#Bandwiches 2.Karen Buckley 3.Lord Janner 4.Light Dragoons 5.#BatmanvSuperman 6.#CHIvsNSH 7.#ADI2015 8.Meek Mill

@TrendieUK (TrendieUK - Trends) tweeted:

"Trending UK:07:03 AM BST" 1. #Bandwiches 2. Karen Buckley 3. Lord Janner 4. #BatmanvSuperman 5. Light Dragoons 6. #CHIvsNSH

@ProbsMcGobs (Alex Plotkowski) tweeted:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Clarkson #Bandwiches @midnight

@draynass (Daniel Nass) tweeted:

Bread Zeppelin. #Bandwiches

@bewilderebeast (MVPeter) tweeted:

Hoagie and the Blowfish #Bandwiches @midnight

@ZachDatAssUp (Zach Boyce) tweeted:

@midnight Sloppy Jodeci #Bandwiches

@kingkeyuri (clonefckr22) tweeted:

RT @draynass: Bread Zeppelin. #Bandwiches

@hypnojay (Jason Simmons) tweeted:

The Cure(d) meat sandwich #Bandwiches

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