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Trend time: Wed Feb 13, 2019
Trend location: Sydney / Australia
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@johnnybridge2 (Daily Terroir) tweeted:

#abc730 https://t.co/EFUhaTgzJZ

@RachaelBott1 (Rachael Bott) tweeted:

RT @drdavemcdonald: On #abc730 Peter Dutton just raised the possibility of refugee paedophiles being brought here because of the #RefugeeBi…

@petergarrett (Peter Martin Garrett) tweeted:

RT @johnnybridge2: #abc730 https://t.co/EFUhaTgzJZ

@EmRunThis (Emma Virago) tweeted:

RT @abc730: "I had a 12-hour day on the Monday, a 20-hour day on the Tuesday and 16 hours on Wednesday," Aspiring reconstructive surgeon Dr…

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