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Trend time: Wed Feb 13, 2019
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@LoveAndyC (LoveAndyC) tweeted:

#RHOBH Blogs are out: Erika's, Kyle's, Rinna's and Teddi's https://t.co/n67GznwmVQ

@NoahBrookz (Noah Brooks) tweeted:

The fact that @KyleRichards first response when LVP started crying was “I have shit going on in my life too!” just… https://t.co/ZQCQ6yMo33

@ISayWhatISee (The Bravo Bitch) tweeted:

What @andy & @BravoTV might call "great drama" will come back & bite them. A whole season of @KyleRichards,… https://t.co/VsObpNPwZL

@CelebStyleGuide (CelebrityStyleGuide) tweeted:

Dorit Kemsley's Blue Clear Visor Has the Kardashian's Stamp of Approval: https://t.co/4ScKzVhoI1 #RHOBH #bravotv https://t.co/IB7xPDuqfT

@Didley33 (ⓓiⓓley) tweeted:

RT @MissLeslieG: I just remembered today is the premier of #RHOBH and the rush of dopamine to my brain was extreme and immediate

@RealityTVBliss (Reality TV Bliss) tweeted:

@lightoftheocean Personal space

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@KyleRichards Are you having crippling anxiety over Mauricio’s lawsuit for shady real estate dealings? #RHOBH https://t.co/YkGaWJL2zS

@XuxaXic (Xuxa xic) tweeted:

@KyleRichards Did you notice that @TeddiMellencamp said LVP was jealous of your friendship with her in her intervie… https://t.co/Az3sGL2OjF

@Im1SpoiledLady (Lady LForever) tweeted:

@MuseAcademic Something is definitely fishy with her story! @doritkemsley1 most definitely looks like the type to j… https://t.co/nXj3dwE9Cm

@leonitis0812 () tweeted:

RT @ssepolio: OK, just saw where Radar, TMZ, Daily Mail and E News confirmed the source wasn’t @LisaVanderpump but another cast member. So…

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