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Trend time: Wed Feb 13, 2019
Trend location: Darwin / Australia
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@SalvaCambranes (S A L V Δ) tweeted:

@KyleRichards looked stunning at the premiere party last night! #RHOBH https://t.co/8RI7P9vn2e

@JLW1006 (JAMiE WALKER™️) tweeted:

Kyle looks 20 years younger without make up. The ‘home tour’ with Teddi she looked so fresh and youthful. #RHOBH

@Mollybacon (Molly Bacon) tweeted:

Wish @KyleRichards would invite me to one of her BBQS #RHOBH

@vanity58 (pam) tweeted:

RT @ssepolio: OK, just saw where Radar, TMZ, Daily Mail and E News confirmed the source wasn’t @LisaVanderpump but another cast member. So…

@RealityTVBliss (Reality TV Bliss) tweeted:

@ssepolio @Quackiekitty @LisaVanderpump @hoo_andrew @VanderVVtm @heyhanna365 The cupcake is so cruel. Now seeing L… https://t.co/5KafTU1ixq

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