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Trend time: Wed Feb 13, 2019
Trend location: Adelaide / Australia
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@amaislixodosite (Babi) tweeted:

como já dizia Ariana Grande: God is a woman #HWASA_TWIT https://t.co/jTL99rLHd4

@gbdjoy (luísa .⊹ city lights) tweeted:

eu digo dona de toda a beleza do mundo e vcs dizem hwasa #HWASA_TWIT https://t.co/xOWoRZlFq0

@diphyermsun (nacho, tabi cb ♡) tweeted:

#HWASA_TWIT miren, salió del clóset https://t.co/S3AQ5A6wnD

@parkviluu (vιh) tweeted:

e foi nessa hora que eu surtei jzgsgsjjzjshxhxdjsb!!!!!! #HWASA_TWIT https://t.co/deBIPXHVyI

@solarutted (lety) tweeted:


@Xiumallowsy (KAIEMIM) tweeted:

Hwasa chegando pra arrasar, único defeito é que acaba Mv: https://t.co/Tspt3cn227 #HWASA_TWIT https://t.co/A9VGjbHedH

@SerieTV46 (Kpop Charts & News) tweeted:

#MAMAMOO Hwasa "TWIT" has 215,584 unique listeners in first 6 hours on MelOn. It's going to dominate.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

[6th HOUR⏳] TWIT: 985,253 VIEWS

@lunaestrellados ([ㅌㅂ/TV] ) tweeted:

Ahn Hyejin killing all them charts! PAK LEGGO!!! Don’t forget to stream on @Youtube as well!

@jisgzb (َ) tweeted:

are yall seeing this excellence?? WHO'S DOING IT LIKE HER?? WHO? #HWASA_TWIT https://t.co/H8X9DWzBir

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