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Trend time: Wed Feb 13, 2019
Trend location: Adelaide / Australia
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@suzanasukovic (Suzana Sukovic) tweeted:

Please don't introduce presenters as "girls". It's not ok. Ever #InfoOnline19

@jamaicaeisner (Jamaica Eisner) tweeted:

What if we think of #museumcollections as rhizomes or roots and not mathematical connections or linear? What if we… https://t.co/k51ruZ4v6Q

@GPSalmeron (Glòria PérezSalmerón) tweeted:

Carla Hayden @LibnOfCongress is recommending “Palaces for the People” a best-seller about #Libraries and people nee… https://t.co/DRUb9sJsWb

@GPSalmeron (Glòria PérezSalmerón) tweeted:

Connecting, Access, Diversity and Inclusion are the drivers of the Library of Congress, says Carla Hayden… https://t.co/nLkjx3uJ7M

@nicolekearney (Nicole Kearney) tweeted:

The ⁦@librarycongress collection collects material in over 100 languages. Half of their collection is in languages… https://t.co/zBbB57cLhU

@ellenforsyth (ellen forsyth) tweeted:

#InfoOnline19 discussion about subject terms and how they have shown bias, referencing Cruising the library… https://t.co/OVaWEKlG1t

@openathens (OpenAthens) tweeted:

The top aspiration for #librarians answering our survey was seamless user access. Unfortunately, the current realit… https://t.co/DBqvx3PYeE

@MikeJonesPhD (Mike Jones) tweeted:

Cat Jones, who has just told us that within a few minutes of shaking someone’s hand we will unconsciously bring our… https://t.co/NrmN7u5zqp

@openathens (OpenAthens) tweeted:

What can we do to move towards seamless user access? Understand the issues fully / develop for the future / work to… https://t.co/MENwWyEq2E

@Saminthelibrary (Samantha Hutchinson) tweeted:

“Audible gives you one free ebook per month”. City of Ryde public libraries have 18,000 ebooks and you can borrow 2… https://t.co/lAT1R2tnr9

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