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Trend time: Wed Feb 13, 2019
Trend location: Adelaide / Australia
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@JLW1006 (JAMiE WALKER™️) tweeted:

Erica & Dorit, fake friendship based solely on their narcissism. Erica disguises that side with ‘The Pretty Mess’ b… https://t.co/uXTSd3

@Mel72609 (Melanie⚓) tweeted:

RT @ZeroFuckaroni: Ramonytail vs Pubeytail #Rhony #Rhobh https://t.co/BYTpTJ5THT

@GershwinForever (Gershwin Forever) tweeted:

@Andy @LisaVanderpump @doritkemsley1 I can understand why Dorit is wondering what is being said about Lucy and if i… https://t.co/qjFqLwCzXQ

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