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@kixes (Kirsten Han 韩俐颖) tweeted:

Singaporean economist Linda Lim takes on the pro-#Brexit fantasy of making UK like Singapore. tl;dr “Nope.”… https://t.co/c4IjgZ2DNe

@theBPCC (BPCC ) tweeted:

Wymiana handlowa z Wielka Brytania po #brexit - Agata Dziwisz z Kancelarii Kochański&Partnerzy mówi o możliwych obo… https://t.co/9BmSO5

@MichelleDewbs (Michelle Dewberry) tweeted:

I wonder how many folk insisting “no deal” being removed from table have ever actually successfully conducted a neg… https://t.co/w7p2urdyxQ

@DrChrisOBrien (Christopher O'Brien) tweeted:

The time has come for Olly Robbins to resign or be fired. He seems to work more fo the EU than the UK. I have no confidence in him. #Brexit

@Feorlean (Michael Russell) tweeted:

If the UK Parliament cannot stop the Prime Minister cynically and shamefully abusing her power & the country by del… https://t.co/IoumIy

@grahamlogan57 (Graham Logan) tweeted:

@Nigel_Farage Millions of @Conservatives will shift their loyalty & votes if #Brexit is not delivered @theresa_may… https://t.co/eHlSED

@CLAtweets (CLA) tweeted:

The CLA has been busy populating its YouTube channel with important advisory content. View our playlist which inclu… https://t.co/lA6T1ky4Qx

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Brexit is 1066 hours away. #brexit

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Welcome to The Brexit Party (Official Twitter) Register your interest at https://t.co/YzuGoDg1aK #Brexit

@thatginamiller (Gina Miller) tweeted:

Dark money is pushing for a no-deal Brexit. Who's behind it? https://t.co/iHoayirSDN I wrote similar article in Nov… https://t.co/WoIxQzdTG2

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