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Trend time: Thu Apr 16, 2015
Trend location: Pittsburgh / United States
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@NHLABOR_NEWS (NH Labor News) tweeted:

Over 5000 Rally In Boston In The #FightFor15 Kicking Worldwide Day Of Action On Wages And Inequality http://t.co/AiKMGF6Tf5 #WageAction

@epocama (EPOCA) tweeted:

#fightfor15 #wageaction https://t.co/NIYeIBmX7y http://t.co/5E3oECXkL6

@ren_inside (Дэн Дурракан) tweeted:

@nyjusticeleague @msladyjustice1 getting it doing the #fightfor15 shuffle in #Philly #March2Justice Day 3 by leslie… http://t.co/cKdusW3aC5

@abcflgulf (ABC FL Gulf Coast) tweeted:

#FightFor15 Union Bosses Refuse To Acknowledge ‘Simple Facts,’ Says Council of Chain Restaurants... http://t.co/pCC3SfzCPs

@k8simply (Cake Weber) tweeted:

How can we justify a minimum wage that leaves a FT employee making less than $15K/year? What exactly is the min wage for then? #FightFor15

@chescaleigh (Franchesca Ramsey) tweeted:

#FightFor15 RT @crissles: there is no humane argument for why people working full time should not earn enough money to pay rent.

@chescaleigh (Franchesca Ramsey) tweeted:

#FightFor15 RT @Irwinterfox: @chescaleigh There are 1.1 million ppl w bachelor's degrees living in poverty (From the 2012 census).

@Tito8aLA (Mamba Hussle ) tweeted:

RT @PrestonMitchum: Upset at people demanding a living wage. Then ridicule the same people for needing public assistance. Sad. #FightFor15 …

@ShilohRipley (MomentOfClarity) tweeted:

@Gumlegs @JonathanHoenig @SEIU So the '15' in #FightFor15 actually means a 15 minute coffee break..

@ms_tjp (Ida B. Yomama) tweeted:

#FightFor15 is for workers making under $15, not just fast food workers.

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