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Trend time: Fri Apr 17, 2015
Trend location: Washington / United States
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@midnight (@midnight) tweeted:

It's time to play #AddBlartImproveAMovie! Check out these examples and keep the game going on Twitter! https://t.co/ZaQJ51iyvB

@SheJStaz (Staz Trudeaux) tweeted:

MALL-E #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

@ncaprio (Nicholas Caprio) tweeted:

Bart's Choice #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

@ncaprio (Nicholas Caprio) tweeted:

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Bart @midnight #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight #PointsMe

@alexblagg (Alex Blagg) tweeted:

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Mall Cop Paul Blart #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

@AjayMorehouse (Ajay Morehouse) tweeted:

The Good, the Blart and the Ugly #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

@mseric (Lisa Lemon) tweeted:

Blart Almighty #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

@DamianVanore23 (Damian Vanore) tweeted:

Blart Pie #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

@Official_AmieB (Amie B.) tweeted:

Inglorius Blartsterds #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

@Home_Halfway (Michael) tweeted:

Blartheart #AddBlartImproveAMovie @midnight

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