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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Benin City / Nigeria
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@haitee1 (Hai~Tee) tweeted:

Lol"@Mz_Hipsy: What ni? "@haitee1: Lol!"@Mz_Hipsy: 3 "@Its_Hoe_K: How many cars do you have? #LoveselfCampaign #VeroniqueAdaa""""

@Phurstlady ('KUNBI) tweeted:

Tif"@MyRealNameIsWiz: ALLLL RT @IamDorobuCci: Guys choose ur favourite? #LoveselfCampaign #VeroniqueAdaa http://t.co/cqGNY7GY3H"

@APCCoalition (COALITION FOR CHANGE) tweeted:

Do something for #LoveselfCampaign by dedicating to vote for @ThisisBuhari @APCNigeria for a better #Nigeria & a better life for yoursel

@HypeleeAfrica (Hypelee Empire) tweeted:

apart from @Sucreplum69 , cc another crazy beautiful tweep on Twitter ? #VeroniqueAdaa #LoveselfCampaign .

@sarumigabriel1 (Gabriel Bayo) tweeted:

Lol single till end time "@taovick94: Forever "@_Alaquar_: how long can you stay single ? #LoveselfCampaign #VeroniqueAdaa .""

@haerleemah (aunt maamah) tweeted:

Actually, Buhari is the surname"@dharblue: What's buhari's surname? #LoveselfCampaign #VeroniqueAdaa"

@FuhrerTomi (El Capitan) tweeted:

Apoti esu“@BosunO_: IDI NLA"@IamDorobuCci: What is this in ur native language? #LoveselfCampaign #VeroniqueAdaa http://t.co/SOZJzepU4k"”

@FrizzHorlabodey (Hameed Adepoju) tweeted:

RT @Phurstlady: Tif"@MyRealNameIsWiz: ALLLL RT @IamDorobuCci: Guys choose ur favourite? #LoveselfCampaign #VeroniqueAdaa http://t.co/cqGN…

@Mr_Moronto (SAFE_OLUWATISE) tweeted:

2face@Thulsenice: Tope alabI“@braintouch: Ras Kimono RT @IamDorobuCci: 9ja celebrity is this!!! #LoveselfCampaign http://t.co/Vx8oAgK9CX"””"

@PaulHcth (Paul Hcth) tweeted:

#LoveselfCampaign I hate myslf, and everybody else

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