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@MikeTFox5 (Mike Thomas) tweeted:

The massive storm system in the center of the country is officially a #BombCyclone...its pressure has dropped at le… https://t.co/ye4cM91zaH

@EricHolthaus (Eric Holthaus) tweeted:

Looks like the ongoing #BombCyclone may have just set a new all-time low pressure record in Colorado. https://t.co/66r5Xnwm00

@breakingweather (AccuWeather) tweeted:

Winds are gusting over 70 mph in the central United States, including in Denver, as an intense #BombCyclone blasts… https://t.co/iuMk8gXwAE

@breakingweather (AccuWeather) tweeted:

Colorado Springs, CO just clocked a wind gust of 96 mph with near-zero visibility #BombCyclone… https://t.co/NUV42s95IG

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Experiences first hurricane in... (checks notes) Denver? #BombCyclone https://t.co/njQetk9J8a

@USPS_Colorado (USPS Colorado) tweeted:

Braving #BombCyclone our letter carriers need your help keeping walks and mail box areas clear. Denver… https://t.co/NC5kKKe78q

@SouthPark (South Park) tweeted:

#BombCyclone "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" - s09e08 https://t.co/X7zfVaHiNE

@UrbanPeakCO (Urban Peak) tweeted:

Our Drop-In Center and Shelter are open throughout the #bombcyclone and overnight with expanded capacity. To reach… https://t.co/pMWwVBxX2S

@DenverPolice (Denver Police Dept.) tweeted:

So far, we have received 110 traffic crash reports and #Denver remains on #AccidentAlert. If you absolutely have to… https://t.co/sIoB970dCQ

@DenverChannel (Denver7 News) tweeted:

Gov. Jared Polis has declared an emergency and authorized the activation of the Colorado National Guard to help wit… https://t.co/gkZJM567qs

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