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Trend time: Thu Mar 14, 2019
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@SenateGOP (Senate Republicans) tweeted:

On #AgDay19, we recognize and celebrate the contribution of American agriculture in our everyday lives.

@FarmBureau (American Farm Bureau) tweeted:

It’s time to celebrate America’s farmers and ranchers! Happy #NationalAgDay! #FBDoesAgDay #AgDay19 https://t.co/6SrFoijJYR

@Jewel_Thomas_PB (Jewel Thomas) tweeted:

BEAUFORD THE PATRIOTIC DONKEY endears itself to the American public by teaching the timeless lessons of farm work e… https://t.co/twWQdgJ4MI

@cafnr (MU CAFNR) tweeted:

Today we celebrate #AgDay19 and everyone who works hard in the ag, food and fiber industries. #CAFNRproud of our al… https://t.co/09IK7IGEKk


Today is our day! Happy #NationalAgricultureDay to those who devote their lives and careers to providing us food fo… https://t.co/lott27IgdU

@USDA (Dept. of Agriculture) tweeted:

Americans enjoy a food supply that is abundant, affordable overall and among the world’s safest, thanks in large pa… https://t.co/6pffTgx1SD

@Jewel_Thomas_PB (Jewel Thomas) tweeted:

Sometimes all you really need is a good back scratch.... #kids #NationalAgDay #AgDay19 https://t.co/zXKdti2nOY

@agday (Ag Day) tweeted:

Check out some great photos from this year's student activities in Washington, DC! Keep checking the Ag Day Flickr… https://t.co/6vrSAB59mn

@BilliHunt (Billi Hunt) tweeted:

Thanks to @vanandbonnieWHO for helping America's @CultivationCorr celebrate #AgDay19 Innovations are occurring ever… https://t.co/ZdTO0AHf02

@JimGreenwood (Jim Greenwood) tweeted:

Today, in recognition of #AgDay19, we express our gratitude to American farmers. @IAmBiotech celebrates the role ou… https://t.co/FvkxN90EcM

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