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Trend time: Thu Mar 14, 2019
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@communitychange (Community Change) tweeted:

Today, we’re hosting #BoldvOld, a series of conversations with leaders including @SenKamalaHarris, @SenBooker, &… https://t.co/TVOoYwIdu

@maxslavkin (Max Slavkin) tweeted:

Here at #boldvold in DC for the premier of @TheCreativeAct’s new #GreenNewDealArt campaign and it’s looking great! https://t.co/ZlnK5F7vtL

@maxslavkin (Max Slavkin) tweeted:

Pretty cool to see @TheCreativeAct’s 2 books - #SeeAmerica and #WhatReallyMakesAmericaGreat, in such good company!… https://t.co/BJOQSuo6OZ

@maxslavkin (Max Slavkin) tweeted:

The amazing @baratunde invites everyone to @TheCreativeAct’s #GreenNewDealArt pop-up! #BoldvOld https://t.co/XRRDbXUzUG

@roybahat (Roy Bahat) tweeted:

Today thread to come on different ways to understand the future of the economy at #boldvold https://t.co/OGTgpeeJ89

@saritasgupta (Sarita Gupta) tweeted:

Great to see a powerhouse of women leaders on a panel about building worker power today and into the future!… https://t.co/oeb551Zng3

@baratunde (Baratunde) tweeted:

Follow @ADehlendorf who is bringing deeper analysis to what’s happened to retail. Not just passive experience of on… https://t.co/J9QZRXYJBc

@yethathne (Amber Richardson) tweeted:

Inequality offline will scale online if you don’t implement an intervention. @palaknshah #boldvold https://t.co/nxWATh6WrD

@Demos_Org (Demos) tweeted:

We're so excited for this powerful event today! Looking forward to hearing from our president @ksabeelrahman share… https://t.co/SROlN4ioPx

@dchometownboy (Rene Bryce-Laporte) tweeted:

“Im tired of people getting excited about the legalization of marijuana, but wont stand up to have the records of t… https://t.co/ihOa0JDPN8

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