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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hopefully, my bank account would be Dublin #IfICouldBeIrishForADay

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#IfICouldBeIrishForADay I’d spend it demonstrating my well honed dancing skills https://t.co/vpJKfZgVCg

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#IfICouldBeIrishForADay I'd waste the day by playing hashtag games, but with an Irish accent. #nochange https://t.co/474tYk0oyH

@Cassie4Peace (Cassie) tweeted:

#IfICouldBeIrishForADay I'd find a 4 leaf clover and make a wish that the TL could coexist peacefully when people… https://t.co/dPdUdgHh5M

@BrettFishA (Brett FISH Anderson) tweeted:

#IfICouldBeIrishForADay i would avoid ironing any four-leaf clovers because i wouldn't want to press my luck! https://t.co/qSj4C2ui2E

@twiticulture (Just Paul Thinking 酒) tweeted:

I would be Dublin my beer consumption #IfICouldBeIrishForADay

@BrettFishA (Brett FISH Anderson) tweeted:

#IfICouldBeIrishForADay something something beer. https://t.co/OVJ0ZLQt9v

@BrettFishA (Brett FISH Anderson) tweeted:

#IfICouldBeIrishForADay i'd be sure. To be sure. https://t.co/iXxPL9BBCh

@Darth_Pingu () tweeted:

#IfICouldBeIrishForADay What do you mean "If"??? ☘ https://t.co/wGk3RdCbH5

@HashtagRoundup (Hashtag Roundup) tweeted:

Keep rocking #IfICouldBeIrishForADay with @feelgoodtags hosted by @tweetfeelsgood and the Fabulous Feel Good Taggers

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